TravelTalks FAQs

  • What time should I arrive at the TravelTalks Meeting?

    Vendors need to arrive at TravelTalks Meeting location by 8:15 - 9:00 AM.

    Sponsors and Presenters need to meet with TravelTalks meeting Facilitator John Sandor by 8:15 AM.

    Group Organizers by 8:15 - 9:00 AM.

  • Is a meal provided?

    A continental breakfast is provided before TravelTalks.

    At the conclusion of TravelTalks at Buffet Inc. locations, a lunch is offered to all group leader attendees. 

  • What kind of materials should I bring for the TravelTalks Meeting?

    You may bring:

    Two sided profile sheet
    Travel planners
    Battery operated laptop or I Pad
    Door prize, if you decide to provide a door prize, you & your company will be recognized

  • Where do TravelTalks organizers come from?

    TravelTalks Group Organizers come from within 2 hours of the TravelTalks Meeting Location.

  • What kind of Groups are represented at the TravelTalks Meetings?

    Group organizers for TravelTalks represent: churches, bank clubs, boomers, social and fraternal organizations and retirement communities.

  • How does TravelTalks qualify their members and attendees?

    TravelTalks profile the Group Organizers when they become members, register for TravelTalks and obtain more detailed profile information at TravelTalks Meetings.

  • When do I receive my leads from the meeting?

    Within approximately 2 weeks of your TravelTalks meeting you will receive electronically via email contact information of all registered Group Organizers with updated addresses, phone numbers and travel profiles in an Excel format.



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