Travel Industry Benefits

We help 20,000 Travel Planners make travel plans for 4.5 million group travelers!

If you are a member of the Travel Industry (CVB, Hotel, Restaurant, Attraction, Tour Operator, etc.) that is interested in group business... TravelTalks offers access to over 20,000 travel planners who organize tours for 4.5 million seniors and boomers who belong to AARP Chapters, Bank Travel Clubs, Church Groups, and Retirement Villages.

The TravelTalks Advantage

Group Organizer Benefits

Benefits of Being a TravelTalks Group Travel Organizer

    * Networking opportunities with more than 15,000 peers
    * Annual meetings & Regular Meetings
    * Free subscription to the Group Travel Leader newspaper
    * Travel industry recognition
    * Exclusive group travel insurance
    * Familiarization Trips
    * Educational Seminars
    * Group fund raising programs

Qualifications for Membership in TravelTalks

Group Travel Family is a non-dues paying membership organization. Qualification for membership are simply that a person be the organizer / leader / decision maker for an actively traveling group. When applying for membership, submit a copy of current promotional flyers of your organization travel, list of your senior organization's past years travel schedule and one travel industry reference for verification. Upon acceptance, you will be issued a membership card, invited to your nearest chapter meeting and receive the Group Travel Leader Newspaper.

Join TravelTalks Now!

If you are a group travel leader who meets the above qualifications and would like the above benefits, you should join TravelTalks today. To do so, please fill out the group leader registration form. We look forward to having you on board.


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